April 18th, 2016

you would think

바쁜 주: 정리. 또, 주말 이야기

It's Monday, and guess what I don't have today? Class. I also don't have class any other day this week... except Thursday, because my prof hates happiness. (That's a lie, it's just a make-up day for not having class later this semester.)

The reason for this sudden surge of freedom is: it's midterm week. I keep getting asked, "So are you studying for your midterms?" And I say: "No, bitch, I'm a fucking literature major. We don't have midterms, we just write ridiculously long papers about metaphors and hope we can publish them later." (True story.) (Well, kinda.)

I'm hella relieved that I have a bit of a break this week, since last week was fucking ridiculous. I had a small presentation on Thursday and a big presentation on Friday, and both required me to do a shit ton of reading and writing.

The presentation for Thursday was just reading a paper and summarizing it. I read it Wednesday and wrote the paper on Thursday before class, and upon going to class, discovered that:
1. I chose a poor example for a paper to analyze.
2. Out of 3 students in the class, one didn't come and the other one didn't do the assignment.
Basically, my professor seemed kind of annoyed at the situation in general, although I think he thinks pretty highly of me right now, in that, "he may be shit at Korean, but he put in the effort, so good on him!" sort of way. We also got out of class within an hour, so that was a total plus.

Friday was the Really Fucking Big and Terrifying Classical Novel presentation. I had to read a novel written in the 1680s (구운몽, or "The Cloud Dream of the Nine" in English translation) and analyze it. I also had to compare it to a modern interpretation, which I'd conveniently read and analyzed last semester. I spent a lot of time all week on it and the paper only ended up being 10 pages long - I say "only" because my classmates ended up with papers that were 14 pages or so. My presentation was over within 35 minutes. I'm cool with that, honestly. I'm a little embarrassed because it really wasn't up to the standard set by my classmates - but dude, I read a fucking classic novel in a foreign language and then did a presentation in said language. That's pretty awesome. I don't actually know how the presentation went - the professor gave no feedback - but whatever. It's over!

Saturday I spent the day just chilling. I met up with Yongkuk at Daehakro and we got samgyupsal and watched a movie (Jurassic World, which was not as terrifying as I recall Jurassic Park being when I watched it as a kid). It was also absolutely POURING down rain, so I spent a good portion of that evening in a perpetual state of dampness.

Sunday I met up with Daechul and we got bulgogi pizza from Mister Pizza. You know, I've been in this country for over six years now, and I've never actually eaten at Mister Pizza? It's always been a place I've wanted to try (it's "pizza for women" - I'm a delicate lady, so it's just meant for me!), but never had the chance. It was pretty good. I was a little confused by the blueberry jam though. And by a "little confused" I mean "???".

Today I'm going to go meet up with Hwan and get sundaebokkeum over by Sillim, and that's all I have planned. I also gotta stop by the library to grab a few books. Besides that, no real plans this week. Maybe Saturday I'll run down to Jeonju and hang out with Bong? I was going to do that this past weekend but it never came to fruition, so perhaps next weekend. I don't have a whole lot of free Saturdays until the end of the semester, so I should do it when I have the chance.
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