April 1st, 2016

too cool

4월 1일

I've been in a pretty lousy mood since last night, and I'm kind of frustrated that it hasn't improved at all. Ugh.

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. 23 degrees, a bit windy, just perfect. I hated being cooped up inside studying, but my desk is next to my window and that almost made up for it. Kinda.

My workload for next week is absolutely ridiculous. In no particular order, this is what I have to read by next week:
- 황석영의 삼포 가는 길 *
- 황석영의 객지
- 구운몽
- Junichiro Tanizaki's Naomi *
- Junichiro Tanizaki's Key
- part of Metaphors We Live By *

The starred ones are what I've already completed. This morning I went to 종로5가 to go to the bookstore to buy 객지, and I've made some progress on reading it. I ordered Key from the States and it showed up this afternoon, and I've also started reading it. I still haven't even touched 구운몽, which is probably not a good thing, considering how I'm doing a presentation on it in a week and a half. I feel kind of overwhelmed and kind of pleased with myself for buckling down and doing my work. I'm just really hoping this insane quantity of reading is not a regular theme for the rest of the semester.

I went to class this afternoon only to find out the professor decided to cancel class today. I mean, awesome, no classical novel class, but seriously? I could have hung out with my friends or done something more entertaining today. Sucks.

I had a terrific workout this morning at the gym. I've decided to start up "long" runs, so for my first long run I did 35 minutes. I know, it's not amazing, but I'm proud, dammit. It was also lower body day, so I did the total hip machine, squats, leg presses, lunges, and calf exercises. My legs are not feeling noodle-y (yet), but they are feeling nice and sore, so I'm rather pleased. I remain the same weight I was when I first started going to the gym back in October. I'm kind of frustrated that my weight has budged at all, and honestly, at this point, the only thing to blame is my diet. I've done a good job of eating pretty healthy, but I think the big culprit - the reason my weight hasn't changed at all in 6 months - are nuts. I have huge issues with portion control and shit has to stuff. I need to start eating something else as a snack, preferably something with little to no calories. Sigh...

Anyways, I kind of want to go for a walk but I can't be bothered pulling out clothes acceptable for the outside world. Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow and I'll be able to go for a wander.
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