March 26th, 2016

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이루마, 미셸과 결혼 이야기

This started as a post on Twitter before I decided it would be better suited to a journal format. I start a lot of posts like this these days, I know.

So my old co-worker/friend from my Samyook days, Michelle, messaged me this morning. It was the first time we've talked in about two years. She came to Korea with Olivia, and both of them remain some of my favorite people from my time in Korea because they were just so - how to put this nicely - normal. No more drama than the average person, nice, great conversationalists, and they both had their shit together (or as together as a pair of 23 year olds can get).

Anyways, Michelle asked how I was doing and said that for her upcoming wedding, her future mother-in-law hired a string quartet to play. The song that she's chosen to be played while she walks down the aisle is Yiruma - River Flows in You. For a while several of our students who were taking piano classes were learning that song, and would play it during breaks and after school on the classroom piano. We had discussions over how much we liked the song and how great it would be to play it during our respective weddings. Well, Michelle beat me to it, and wanted to tell me that our discussions had stuck.

I find it sickeningly sweet and I am ridiculously jealous of her. It's been what, 3-3.5 years since we talked about that song, and here she is, getting married? And here I am, still in Korea, sitting in front of my computer alone on a Saturday night, eating Toblerone I got on discount at Lotte Mart because it was approaching its sell-by date, just as single as I was when we were talking about that song. Ugh. Anyways, despite making this all about me (one of my many talents!), I am really happy for her. And jealous. But mostly happy. I guess. Bitch.

This actually relates well to another discussion I had today, with Aram. (Who I may or may not have a 썸 with right now, not sure, but we have a weirdly large amount of things in common. Right down to our names (아담/아람), birthdays (3/20 and 3/22), and general feeling toward relationships, marriage, et cetera.) Anyways, he went to a wedding today and said that it was an increasingly frequent occurrence these days. Now, I've never been to a wedding before in my life - my friends are either in another country when they get married, or I meet them very shortly after the event occurs - but I commiserated with the fact that every day someone else on Facebook gets engaged, married, or pops out another child or two. I'm 29 years old now (good lord, can it be?), and I have to admit, I am damn well near nesting. I want a husband and kids and a house with a picket fence and at least two cats and a dog (preferably a whippet, maybe a dachshund). Admittedly, I am nowhere near the point in my personal life where this is actually a possibility, but I want it to be a possibility.

Anyways, tldr: I'm approaching my 30s and everyone is getting into serious relationships, having kids, and doing grown up stuff, and I am jealous.
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