March 11th, 2016

visor sneer

무정과 숙향전...

Week two is over. Ugh.

I don't know why, but so far this semester hasn't seemed as mind-numbingly painful as last semester. I mean, probably because a lot of the books I've been reading thus far are also available in English, so I've kind of lucked out. When April-May comes around, that's when I'll be wicked busy. Not looking forward to presentations. Nope.

I met up with Mingook a couple nights ago near Gwanghwamun and got some great (Korean) Chinese food. I don't know why, or how, I've managed to live in Korea for more than 6 years without trying mapadubu, but good lord, if I could eat it daily, I would. I also met up for lunch with Nick and found a good Gimbap Cheonguk in our area.

I read one of the best Korean books I've ever read this week: The Heartless by Yi Kwang-su (이광수의 무정). It's 100 years old next year and on one page I would find myself furious because of how utterly backwards it seemed (... reading a rape scene, where the victim leaves to commit suicide, on International Women's Day... yeaaah), and the next page I'd be thrilled by how utterly progressive it was - not for just its time, but for our time, too (women can get PhDs too! And they have the choice of who to love and marry! And being raped doesn't mean a woman is a whore! Wow! What a concept!). It ended on a bit of a, uh, somewhat sad and patriotic note (let's follow Japan or America's example in an attempt to become the modern nation that we deserve to be!- 30 years later, the Korean War...), but it was still great and I highly recommend it. It was also a very quick, easy read.

This weekend I should, by rights, study, but I suspect I'll lay around and do nothing. Or maybe go to Jeonju and hang out with Bong. That's also an option. Oh, and on the topic of Bong, I met up with him and his older brother (a big, 6'4", football player type) and we got delicious bossam and wandered around Lotte World Mall on Sunday. Good times. Oh, and last Saturday I went to Gergely's housewarming. It was interesting to see all of the Jeonju KGSP people.
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