February 21st, 2016

visor sneer

주말과 수업에 관한 이야기

Hmm, a little drama occurred in the last 24 hours or so, but I'll save that for private entries.

Friday I met up with Kay and Nick at HUFS, signed for my scholarship, and we got the new drinks available at Starbucks. I got... what was it... toasted Caramel macchiato? Rumor has it it's supposed to taste like butterbeer. Now, I don't particularly care for Starbucks, and I hate the taste of coffee, but I got it anyways because... I dunno... I'm a sucker? It smelled good. Didn't care for the taste. We had a nice chat for a couple hours before separating.

Saturday I lazed around for most of the day. Went for a walk in the afternoon. I did meet up with Omar in the evening and we walked and talked for a while, but it got cold and windy so I wasn't a particularly big fan of being outside for long.

Today I lazed a bit before receiving a message from my friend Hwan, who was in the area because he was checking on the results of a job interview. Unfortunately he didn't get the job, but neither did the other 49 male applicants (or 150 of the female applicants - it was a flight attendant job at Emirates). We had coffee and discussed how much he hates wearing makeup. (I feel like everyone has seen an article about this somewhere on the internet, but Korea is increasingly famous for the large percentage of men who wear makeup. My friend only wears it for interviews apparently, and breaks out when he wears it, so he's not a fan.) Then I went for a walk, came home, read a bit, and just chilled.

Tomorrow I'm going to an award ceremony at my university since my GPA was good enough last semester to warrant getting an extra scholarship or two, and I'll probably get dinner with my friends in Gangnam tomorrow night. That's about all that I have planned for the next week.

One interesting thing that happened, which is somewhat out of chronological order, is that I was invited to my major's Kakaotalk room last night. Now, my major is tiny. There are two PhD students who are taking classes (one only takes classes when they're interesting). There are two master's students working on their theses this semester, so they're not taking classes... and me. So it's kind of a big deal that I was finally accepted into the "in-"crowd.

Oh, and after a bit of confusion, I registered for classes earlier this week!
월 3-6 한국문학연구방법연구 - Monday 3-6 Korean Literature Research Methodology
화 3-6 한국근대시사연구 - Tuesday 3-6 History of Early-Modern Korean Poetry
목 3-6 한국현대작가연구 - Thursday 3-6 Study of Modern Korean Authors

I also need to take a prerequisite class, which I have yet to register for and need time to figure out what to take... I'm probably going to be forced to take a classical novel class, which I REALLY don't want to do, especially since a history of literature class is available/will be more useful - but that class is only available online, and apparently I'm not allowed to take online classes as a prerequisite class. Great. Anyways. If I take the classical novel class I'll be in class Wednesdays from 4-6 and Fridays at 4-5 or so. Five days a week in class... a classical novel class... someone shoot me now.
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