February 15th, 2016

visor sneer

2월 삶

A lot has happened this month. A lot of not studying. (insert teary-faced emoticon)

I'll sum it up real quick.

Two weeks ago I made plans to head down to Gwangju to surprise Kate. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and had an awful birthday, so Kristy and I planned to give her a surprise birthday. The problem was that last weekend was Seolnal weekend, so everything was booked. And I mean everything. I was lucky enough to get the last decent bus ticket to Gwangju on Friday the 5th. The roads were already packed, and it was only Friday evening - the holiday itself was Monday. Yikes. It took 4 and a half hours to get to Gwangju. I grabbed some food from a bakery and stayed at the Windmill motel, which is a love motel that foreigners often stay at in Gwangju.

The next day I met up with Kristy at noon at the First Alleyway. Before that I went to the bookstore and wandered around H&M briefly. Kate arrived a bit later and she was thrilled, which I was very pleased about! We ate lunch and then went to a noraebang. Then we tried to go to a board game cafe (which has moved and now takes up two floors) but it was completely full. So we went to another nice little coffeeshop and talked for a few hours before I caught the subway to the train station and took a (1.5 hour!!) train back to Seoul.

Monday the 8th, Seolnal day, I met up with Omar and we got coffee and walked around a bit. That evening I went to a potluck at Nick and Kay's place (with Alyn and Felipe) to celebrate the holiday. I brought soy garlic pork and mushrooms, which was a HUGE hit, I'm pleased to say. We then made our own version of Cards Against Humanity and played for a few hours before heading home.

Most of the week I chilled and did nothing. This weekend I met up with a few people (성하, Omar again, and 영철) and did a whole bunch of nothing. I keep meaning to study Korean, and then I... don't. Ugh.

Something I didn't actually write about before is that- wait for it- I got surgery on February 1st. It was a very minor surgery, more of a surgical procedure than anything else. I've had a giant sebaceous cyst on my back for a few years, and I decided I wanted it gone; Kay and Nick were kind enough to come with me to a few different surgeons before I found one that did the procedure, and I was in and out within an hour or so. It ended up getting infected, but it's better now (still a bit tingly sometimes) and supposedly I get the stitches out on Thursday. It was also super, super cheap - 150,000won for the procedure. I do have to go back for check-ups every couple of days, but that's no big deal.

As a result of the procedure I've spent the last couple of weeks not working out :'( and not able to do many physical activities - sitting has been hard, can't lay on my back, walking hasn't been easy. I'm more or less back to normal, but it's been annoying. I'm glad I got the cyst removed, especially since it was actually starting to cause some pain - working out results in less fat; less fat results in the cyst pressing again the back of chairs and aching, etc. But it's been a frustrating process. I'm looking forward to working out again, honestly.
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