February 1st, 2016

visor sneer

최근 소식과 오늘 한 수술

How can it be February already? Good grief.

It got ridiculously cold over the last few weeks. Okay, not as bad as Chicago, but Seoul had its coldest day in something like 18 years or something like that? Anyways, it was so cold that going outside... no. I spent a good portion of the month of January lazing in bed.

Last week Alyn, Kay, and Nick all returned to Korea. I spent a couple days attempting to dye Kay's hair purple (starting from green). We ended up with a midnight blue color, which looks nice, but isn't necessarily what she'd wanted. She seems happy though.

Friday was Kay's birthday and we met up for sushi at a place about 2 minutes walk from my place. Then we went to D Museum, which had a really cool exhibit on light. Then we walked to Itaewon and chilled at a coffee shop for a couple hours before going to Sangsu and eating at a buffet. Then... home.

Saturday I did nothing of note, with the exception of a great Skype call with Megan! It's been ages since we've talked and I'm glad we got the chance to do it this weekend.

Yesterday (Sunday, January 31) I met up with a Korean friend I've been chatting to for over a year now, Kyun. We met at Lotte World Mall, had some great (cheap) bossam, and wandered around the mall for a few hours. It was nice to finally meet him. (And to practice my Korean.)

Today I finally got around to removing the sebaceous cyst from my back. I've had it since 2013/14, and now that I'm going through a self-improvement kick I decided to finally get it done. Now, I was originally planning on going on Thursday or Friday, but I have to go down to Gwangju this weekend so I rescheduled for today. It was a pretty easy process, with the exception of finding a doctor who actually does this type of procedure. (Went to four places before we found one that does - and it opened within the last week!) I have to go back tomorrow for a check-up and hopefully I'll get the OK to workout on Wednesday/travel this weekend.
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