December 19th, 2013

visor sneer

예술제와 한국에 온 날과 여행...

Ugh, I'm really tired.

This week has been kind of a mess because:
1. Winter vacation starts a week from tomorrow
2. Today we the winter festival.

Basically, the kids spent all week practicing plays/songs/etc and today they performed in front of their parents. Good times for them, but I had classes canceled left and right. Also, 11 year olds the week before vacation - ugh.

So yeah. There was that.

I totally missed the exact day, but 4 years and a few days ago I came to Korea for the first time. I knew I was going to stay here for a few years, but I was quite certain that I was going to leave after 3 years with fluent Korean and no debt. Well, I have no debt, 3 years came and went without fanfare, and I'm still not fluent in this damn language. Soon. Oh yes, my precious. Soon.

I have 9 days off at the end of February and I only realized it yesterday. What on Earth am I going to do? I am talking with a coworker/friend about going to the Philippines or Borneo, but... I don't know. I still don't know what I'm going to do in Morocco in less than two weeks from today. I was so proud of myself for booking flights 2 months in advance, and here I am without a place to stay, almost 2 months later. What a fail.

A few other interesting things: last weekend I attended a Christmas party at Kristy's place in Hwasun; I've met up with Michelle and Olivia (separately); I had a work dinner at my new favorite buffet, Cus Cus, last night; and now I want to go try to find a dubbed-in-Korean TV show for study purposes. If I don't enjoy Korean TV, I might as well try English TV shows...
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