December 13th, 2013

already dead

무서운 꿈 꾸고 언어에 대해서 이야기

You know, when I picked up French again back in August, I wasn't really expecting to actually succeed. But after, what, 3.5 months, I am reading the Hunger Games in French. I don't understand every word, but I know what's happening, and I am rarely confused about the chain of events. In English I am a very, very quick reader (100+ pages a hour, etc) and I am nowhere near that rate in French... but it's okay. I am still trucking through. In contrast, I am not enjoying my Korean Harry Potter-ing quite as much. I understand a similar amount (possibly a bit more) but I don't find myself sitting down outside of my alloted "해리포터" time to read it. Possibly because I don't find the early Harry Potter books quite as entertaining as the later ones.

I think it revolves around the fact that I am focusing on reading. I'm neither a particularly outgoing person, nor do I really enjoy watching TV shows, so the most common/popular reasons for language learning are kind of lost on me. But books... I like books. I enjoy them. A lot. And I've read, what, over 200 books in English this year? What would happen if I started extensive reading like that in French, or Russian, or hell, Norwegian? I don't have to focus on speaking or listening skills - just reading. It's an interesting idea, and one which is quite a bit of possibility for the future.

On an unrelated subject, I had a nightmare the other night. Collapse )
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