November 9th, 2013

visor sneer

그 건물을 끼고 돌면 조금만 가서 다른 건물이 보인다...

Good god, what a busy week.

1. Booked flights to Paris and Morocco, then booked my hotel in Paris. It's only 60USD a night with free wifi. Good grief.

2. OPEN CLASSES. DUM DUM DUM. My immersion students did presentations in front of their parents, and we followed it up by talking about the size of the universe. My general (non-immersion) kids did comprehension questions and played a game. I had 10-15 parents show up for every class, whereas my foreign co-teacher had 3-5 per class. I'm trying not to over-think the situation too much. It was one of those, "Damn, I'm a good teacher," days.

3. I came down with a cold this week and had a lot of trouble sleeping, but I still managed to knock off 31 things on my ongoing "to do" list.

4. Today I: woke up early, worked out, did the FRENCH LESSON OF DOOM!!!, talked to my mom, went to the store, did some Korean, ate breakfast/lunch, read for Book Club, took a nap, read for fun, did some more Korean, ate dinner, finished my Korean, and here I am. Tomorrow I just have to do my French and that's it. Woo! A good way to spend a rainy Saturday.
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