November 5th, 2013

every frequency

파리와 모로코에 갈 거야~~~~~

I'm going to Paris!!!! And Morocco!!!!

In a complete variation from what I usually do, I just booked a flight almost two months in advance.

Shocking, I know. Last time I booked my flights... two days in advance.

I'm not done booking, but I will probably book everything within the next few days. I already have a list of hotels in Paris. And I need to book my flights to/from Morocco (just gotta get the websites to work... effing Ryanair). And I need to book my hotels in Morocco. (Going to stay in Fes and possibly Chefchaouen.)

How weird. And yet, utterly exciting.
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wasn't my bullet

je vais en france et maroc! 프랑스어로 ㅋㅋ

I booked my flight to Fes, Morocco, too! Oh boy. I'm really excited. Can you tell?

After 8 years of studying French (and another 4 years... not studying French) I'm finally going to France. France and Morocco will bring my countries visited total up to 15 and my continents visited in a year total to 5. One of those continents is frickin' AFRICA, man! How awesome is that?

In other news, I am tired and should probably go to bed, but first I'll read 100 pages in my book because that's just how I roll.
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