November 1st, 2013

visor sneer

피곤한 마음

Christ, I'm tired.

It's been such a long week. Today I went in to work early - I'm talking 7:40 early - and prepped for the day. Then I studied French. Then I spent every free second I had all day grading word exams (34 students, 100 words each). Then I made a powerpoint/activity for the silly Saturday class I have to teach tomorrow. Plus a work meeting. And I taught 6 classes. After work I went and bought some essentials (shampoo, shower shoes, bread, and bananas), before coming home and taking a nap. Then I went to tutoring, where I discovered that my phone hasn't been functioning properly all day and, in fact, my tutor canceled class. So I came home and ate dinner. And here I am.

I told my boss that I'm not coming back next year. Collapse )
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