October 14th, 2013

you would think

중간 고사 / 밀가루 / 공부

My students had Korean midterms today, which meant that I didn't have to teach from 10:50am-3:50pm. In the mean time I made and completed a 10 line long to do list. BAM. That's how you do it. Well, maybe not you. I, however, accomplish shit like it's going out of style.

Tomorrow my students are going to throw things into flour (imitating meteoroids making craters), which is going to be a) a total mess and b) lots of fun. I am looking forward to it... kinda.

I am going to take a slight break from my Korean studies the week. And by "slight break" I mean, "I'm not going to do my 연세 읽기 교과서," and I accidentally memorized too many words, so I won't have to do that for the week. It's for the best though. My brain has felt like it's been about to slide out of my head for the last couple of weeks. A break would be nice. Oh! My Korean tutor complimented my reading skills today. It's kind of funny: when I'm by myself I read fluidly, but when I'm around others I... don't. I guess I was in the right mindset or something and I managed to read well in front of my tutor. Good job, self.

I'm going to go read and pass out.
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