September 7th, 2013

already dead

새 학기 / 주말 계획 / 공부 업데이트

The new term started up this week. It's been a very busy week; teaching, exercising, studying, plus class and Book Club. I've been exhausted and haven't really had any free time all week. But... it's the weekend, so I am taking advantage of my free time.

Today I've done some cleaning, finished reading a book, exercised, studied French and Korean, napped, grocery shopped, and lazed. Wonderful. I'm going to go meet Shannon for dinner and then we'll take one of our epic walks, as we are apt to do.

Study update: I've been reading the Little Prince in Korean, just a chapter a day. The first few chapters were well over my head, but I've been starting to identify words through context and I'm understanding full blocks of text at a time. I'm rather pleased with myself. I have about 15 more days of this and then I'll pick up Camus' The Stranger (just because I have the Korean version available), and then I'll go out and get Harry Potter. The Korean language shall be my bitch, dammit.
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