August 22nd, 2013


3만원 받아서 오늘 저녁에 중국 음식을 주문할 거예요 ㅋㅋ

Camp Diary, Day 4

I remain strong.

We built things out of chopsticks and yarn. A group of fourth and fifth grade girls gave up building, broke their chopsticks in half, and started playing jenga. They made a great tower.

Tomorrow we will make nesting dolls. I am optimistic that it will not be a failure, but with my luck the kids will draw pictures of me and nest them together. And then they will rip them to pieces. (sigh)
(end camp diary)

In unrelated news, I finally sold my bicycle. Good riddance. Also, I just finished the Yeosu Expo manhwa Megan gave me for Christmas last year. Yahoo!

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