July 25th, 2013

already dead

발가락이 아팠어요...

Yesterday and today were fairly eventful.

1. I finished my summer camp workbook! I am quite proud of it. 32 pages of non-stop Russia ACTION. Did I mention I'm teaching for two weeks about Russia? I'm pretty pleased, not gonna lie. Even though my homeroom will be 2nd graders. Sigh.

2. After school I realized, oh, snap, I gotta go buy my bus ticket to the airport for next week. I hopped on the 31 and went to the bus station. I got one of the last tickets available. Then I went to E-Mart next door, where I browsed briefly before purchasing tonight's dinner. Then I started walking to the subway to go downtown. I was going to meet Kate for dinner. But she called and said she'd be late, so I said, "Why don't we meet in Sangmu?" (The popular, trendy area where she lives.) So I hopped on the metro and got there in about 10 minutes. We got dinner, ate patbingsu and Cafe Izzo, and then I managed to discover that a bus from my neighborhood goes to Sangmu! Holy crap! So I caught the 73 and came home.

3. Soon after I got home I stubbed my little toe on the couch. Hard. I am fairly certain that it's either broken or sprained, and as it still hurts today I think it's broken.

4. I just made a splint out of chopsticks and tape. I am so crafty. And hell- this is exactly what a doctor would've done, so I saved money.

5. Fortunately I can wear shoes and work out. Walking, however, is a different story. Since it doesn't seem to be that bad I'm optimistic for my trip...

6. I've already finished my Korean homework and now I need to (sigh) plan out my trip (sigh). I gotta book flights/hotels, STAT. This is getting ridiculous. Current thoughts: first go to Auckland, then go to Tonga, then go to Sydney, then do Melbourne on my last few days. Maybe. I don't know! I'm spewing nonsense left and right! I just don't want to spend the next few weeks bored shitless as I spend buttloads of money!
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