July 23rd, 2013


페이스푹에 포스트를 하고 싶다~

We're talking about bullying in Health class this week.

Two things:
1. There are a number of bullies in the 4th grade this year, but two in particular are being referred to by name. One of whom was called a bully to his face, and he acknowledged it. The other is at the head of such a reign of terror that the other kids were too terrified to even look at him when the topic came up.

2. In the interest of disclosure, I was bullied a bit in elementary school. My main bully accused me of being so fat that I started earthquakes whenever I walked. (Interestingly, I was of average weight at the time; this bullying was at least partially the cause of my childhood obesity.) Here's my deep, dark secret: that bully was a "little person" with some big friends. He was older and scared the shit out of me. My life today: I lost 100 pounds, speak 5 languages (to varying degrees), I have no debt, I'm gainfully employed, and by most terms I am an all-around successful person. My former bully is a high school drop-out pothead.

Also, he will always be short. See? No contest. I'm practically winning at life by default.
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