July 7th, 2013

visor sneer

모든 노래를 불러~

Two things.

1. Today Asiana flight 214 from Seoul to San Francisco crash-landed. A few people died and many were injured. I've been on many Asiana flights and a flight from Seoul to San Francisco before... it's strange to think about.

2. Yesterday was Em's farewell party thing. We got the best dalkgalbi I've ever eaten at the Gosoo Dalkgalbi, we went to a noraebang for a few hours (highlights: practicing 버스커버스커의 그댄 달라요 paid off; Em and I did a sterling rendition of Rolling in the Deep; and Kate and I sang a great Champagne Supernova), then we went to Cafe Bene for some great patbingsu (to which I have developed a slight addiction; I sure hope it's not as unhealthy as I think it is), and then a few of us went to a stickerbang to do those silly Asian-style stickers. It was a fun day. And sad.

Today I gotta study. And do report cards. All the report cards. (maybe...)
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