July 2nd, 2013

visor sneer

축하하고 주문했어요

Today (July 2) is this LJ's 12 year anniversary. It's lasted longer than, well, pretty much everything else in my life. I've had it since before I started high school. Good job, journal.

In celebration, I ordered (Korean-)Chinese food delivery for the first time since I moved to this apartment, and it arrived 10 minutes later. Love it.

Today I finished giving tests to my students - which was an interesting experience. Some bombed royally. Some rocked it out. Class averages: 86%, 80%, 78%, 73%. I've never had such a huge variation before.

On a related note, I've officially given all of the tests/quizzes required to be put on my report cards, so for the next 1.5 weeks I'll be doing some non-stop reporting... carding... report carding? Whatever. I am thrilled.

Tomorrow is a field trip day. We're going to the Suncheon Bay Flower (Plant?) Expo. I don't know. It's also supposed to storm, so whatever.

Time to eat!
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