June 18th, 2013


비 오는 날이에요. 그리고... 새 교과서를 샀다~

Possible reasons why my students were batshit insane today:
a. It was a rainy day.
b. The phase of the moon, combined with the tides of the ocean.
c. The zombie apocalypse has started.
d. Conspiracy theory #741.

I ordered two new textbooks: 연세 읽기 3 and Korean in Use 중급. I think the Yonsei reading textbook should be right at my level, so with any luck I'll be able to build my vocabulary in a way that will reinforce what I've already learned. I've used parts of the Korean in Use book for my Korean class and it has fantastic explanations and examples, so it should be a great reference. Apparently it has enough grammar to cover the 4급 TOPIK exam, which would be great. You know. In the distant future, when I am at that level. Maybe. (Ugh.)

Okay, time to either study (lol yeah right) or read more romance books (A+ good decision). I think we see what I'm going to do with my evening. Oh yeah.
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