June 6th, 2013

too cool

독립하고 싶어

Yesterday I read my first Korean book! Admittedly, it was only 26 pages, and half of those pages were pictures, but I did it! Instead of looking up every word I didn't know (which is a good vocabulary exercise, but bad for reading), I looked up words that seemed integral to the plot. I actually understood a lot of the book, and I managed to gleam the meanings from a variety of words from context. For posterity, it was 해님 달님. 작가: 목계선.

After that success, I picked up a comic Megan bought me at the Yeosu Expo and read the introduction (maybe 13 pages). I actually understood pretty much everything. I seem to be making progress on this Korean thing, you guys.

What I've already done with my day off: slept late, read half a book, exercised for an hour, cleaned. What I'm going to do with the rest of my day off: sleep, read more, eat, laze in between the A/C and fan. Oh, I also need to study and prepare for a Saturday class I have to teach.
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