June 2nd, 2013

visor sneer

공부에 대한 포스트

This was a nice, relaxing "me" weekend. After the last week I'm happy that I got the chance to just decompress.

I've been using Anki to memorize Korean vocabulary roughly since the middle of September 2011. I had roughly 7700 cards. Today I went through my decks, pulled out roughly 4500 cards and suspended them from use. It's gotten to the point where those cards just aren't useful anymore. I'm going to start being a little more discriminating toward my decks. If I don't see a word for 2 months and I don't remember it, I obviously don't know the word very well.

I am getting anxious to move away from textbooks and start using real content to learn the language. I've been reading webtoons and understand what's going on (although I don't know every single word). I've also been reading a kid's book which is perhaps slightly above my level. My grammar is fine, but I just don't have the vocabulary for proper understanding at this point. I feel like I want to ask my Korean tutor to give me massive vocab lists and quizzes. I want to learn all the words. ALL THE WORDS.

In other news, one day I will learn how to shave without ripping my skin to shreds. One day...
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