April 26th, 2013


우리 이상한 마음

Sometimes when I see a woman wearing a very short skirt, I just want to say, "Oh, no, honey. I can see your vagina." Then I would pause and awkwardly pat her shoulder before continuing, "You need to rethink your decisions in life."

For some reason my Korean speaking skills made a marked improvement over the last few days. Tutoring went surprisingly well this evening, although I don't know how I feel about a class on a Friday.

It's taken four episodes of this show but at least one of the main characters has displayed a facial expression other than that resembling a block of wood. I am optimistic that the other main character will also gain a personality other than stubborn, emotionless bitch.

Proof that Korean dramas occasionally have a sense of humor:
"If it were you, could you like the man whose back you barfed on? Could your heart do that?"
"My heart has more of a conscience than that."
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