March 31st, 2013

already dead

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A quick post before language exchange.

I've spent the last week keeping a budget; basically keeping track of what I'm spending. I haven't been surprised by my expenditures, but this probably wasn't the best week to start keeping track of my cash flow- I've eaten out WAY too much recently. Argh.

I baked cookies yesterday. Chocolate chip. I didn't have vanilla extract so I substituted orange zest for it, which resulted in something more along the lines of orange chocolate chip. They were actually quite good. Gotta invest in some measuring bowls/spoons and an oven mitt, though. After baking cookies I went for dinner with Michelle (not my co-worker) and we had pineapple galbi. It was quite good.

Starting tomorrow I'll start getting up early to exercise. I've been doing about 20-30 minutes of exercise in the mornings and spreading out the rest throughout the day, but my new study schedule is not proving conducive to exercising. I'll try getting up early and seeing how that goes for a week. Another option is getting up early to exercise on my busy days and just doing my normal schedule on the other days. I dunno.

I swear I hear someone speaking Russian outside, but it's probably just Korean. No big surprise.
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