March 18th, 2013

visor sneer

흠... 독서클럽 책을 읽으려고 해요...

I should be reading for book club, but I'm lazy. So here's a post!

Today's classes went smashingly well. I'm feeling rather pleased with myself! Furthermore, in spite of the severe lack of sleep I achieved last night, this was the first day this semester that I've come home wide awake. Good job, self.

I ended up with a huge amount of leftovers from my dinner tonight. This is what is currently residing in my freezer:
- 2 servings of chicken noodle soup
- 3 servings of chili
- 1 serving of tomato sauce noodles (Fusili)
- 4 servings of cream sauce noodles (Macaroni)

I think it's safe to say that I don't need to cook a big dinner next week.

The weekend was fine. Saturday I walked with Vanessa, ate jjamppong, and later met up with Em and Kristy. We went to a noraebang and sang for 3 hours. Two tremendous events occurred while at noraebang: Kristy and I did the best version of Bohemian Rhapsody ever completed, and Em suggested that Busker Busker's songs would be up my alley vocally, and she was correct. I've never encountered a song that fit my voice as perfectly as 여수밤바다. I am still ridiculously pleased.

Some plans:
1. Improve my eating habits. Now that I'm cooking more I need to decrease my portion sizes and drop some things from my diet... like nachos. Sigh.
2. Study more Korean. Thursdays and possibly Sundays will be Korean study group days, and I contacted a private tutor as well, so hopefully I'll add in another day of forced study while I'm at it.
3. Exercise more. Contemplate running again, or possibly Insanity? My knee hasn't bothered me in months, so maybe I can try it...
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