March 5th, 2013

fist to face

저한테 키가 작은 사람은 메시지를 보냈어요

Quick update.

1. The semester has started and it's going fairly well so far. I'm not hating my life too much.

1.5. Korean laws toward school abuse have gotten stricter over the last few years. No hitting, etc. One very common punishment among the Korean and foreign teachers at my school was holding your arms above your head. I personally don't do that because it's tantamount to abuse in my book; if it isn't going to be done back home, why would you do it here? Instead I punish the kids by making them go without a chair or desk. (If I can stand for 7 classes in a row, a bad student can stand for 40 minutes.) Some of the other teachers are bitching about losing their punishment - well, so what? It looks like most of the other teachers are starting to copy my punishment. Nice to see that I'm ahead of the game. :')

2. I just finished a book called "Bee Season" by Myla Goldberg. I wouldn't call it the best book ever, but this is what I enjoyed: it was a book about empty people actively seeking enlightenment, or fulfillment, through a variety of different means - religion, their children, theft, etc. In the end they remain unfulfilled with the exception of the character who decides to live for herself, not for others. I really appreciate that.

3. This is the real reason I wrote this post: I finished reading that book and I decided to do something fulfilling for myself- I rearranged my living room. That's as close to enlightenment as I get.
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