January 20th, 2013

visor sneer

게으른 사람이에요

I'm posting this because I'm lazy as fuck. I was going to make soup, but then I decided I was too lazy. I was going to read, but instead I pissed around on the internet. I was going to go buy stuff at the store, but - wait for it - laziness struck. I put in my laundry at 5pm, instead of 12pm (as is my norm). I am pathetic.

If I'm not going to do anything else today, I might as well just go order some chicken. It'll make up for my failure at cooking it myself today. -_-
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visor sneer

요리할 때 손가락을 베었다.

Well, I more than made up for my laziness earlier today. I cooked up a huge amount of chicken noodle soup and I have 5 individually portioned serving seasons chilling in my freezer right now. I also ran out to the store and cut myself... not at the same time.

I was cutting onions and the knife slipped and sliced open my finger. It didn't bleed at first but then it started to gush. I was almost in shock as I watched the blood drip down into the metal basin of the sink. I wasn't sure what to do.

It's silly, but the first thing I thought to do was call a friend to help me finish up the soup. Then I thought, "Maybe I'll have to go to the hospital." That made me feel faint. I did a quick Google search because that's just what you do when blood is spilling out of your body. I tightly wrapped a band-aid around the finger and help my hand up while I awkwardly chopped up the rest of the onions and broke down the chicken. Fortunately my finger stopped bleeding after a while, but I think it's possible that I'll have a nasty scar. Could be worse.

On a positive note, the soup wasn't awful, and every time I ask someone, "Do you want to see my scar?" I'll be able to flick them off while I do it. Just trying to look on the bright side. :')
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