January 11th, 2013

weathered the storm

오늘 쓸매를 지칠 거예요

Today we're going to take the kids sledding for winter camp. On the one hand: yay, no teaching! On the other hand: oh sweet Jesus. Eight year olds? Sledding? It'll be a massacre. Blood everywhere.

Yesterday I walked into my last class of the day and a second-grader named Paul came up to me. "Teacher, Drama class is my first favorite class, and then Art is my second favorite class!"

"Wow, that's great, Paul!"

"And you're my favorite teacher! I want you to be my teacher all the time!"


You guys, nine year olds love me. :')
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visor sneer

사진이 카메라에서 안 삭제했다~

the stars spell out your name like a science fiction novel

I plugged in my old camera to my computer only to discover that every photo taken between August and October 2012 have disappeared. I was horrified, but not surprised - my old camera was having some technical difficulties for some time there. However I did a quick scan through the SD card and discovered that since I hit 10,000 photos taken it started a new folder for the new photos. I'm relieved!

My new camera is complicated. It does weird things that I'm not accustomed to. I need to figure out how to use it and fast.

Week one of winter camp is OVER. We went sledding today. It wasn't that bad. I spent most of the time inside eating odeng and talking cameras, because that seems to be my life these days. Cameras, that is, not odeng. But I wouldn't object to that being part of my life on a more regular basis...
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