December 15th, 2012

visor sneer

sinuses / busy week / gift-giving rules

Holy shit, my sinuses are killing me.

So this week was pretty busy, although I had a lot of classes canceled. Tuesday was Megan's birthday, so we ate at TGI Friday's. Wednesday was book club and studying, and then I had to wait for ages in the cold because there were no buses or taxis. Thursday was the school festival, so I didn't teach all day (+) but stayed at school until 7pm (-), or a grand total of 11 hours. Friday I taught and then went with Olivia and Michelle to the bus terminal to buy bus tickets to the airport. Then we went to Sangmu to go to E-Mart and also eat (devour) everything at Todai, a sushi buffet.

It's been over a year since I ate there, but it's the best buffet ever. Full stop.

I'm currently rereading the Susan Cooper "Dark is Rising" series. I think I'll purchase it for the kids who win the class contest(s). A question: would it be acceptable to give a specific kid a present, even if he doesn't win a contest? I have one student who would flat out love the books - I know this because he reads everything he possibly can in English, including spending 2 months reading the Chrestomanci books I recommended to him, and he loved them. Several times over the years I had teachers gift me books because I was such a huge reader and I remember them quite fondly. I just want to support my student...

I dunno, whatever. I'll try to make a decision later.

One week from today and I'll be on an airplane to Chicago... surprisingly excited.
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