November 8th, 2012

this is me

Obama!! / no sleep. / computers

Obama was reelected, three states legalized gay marriage, the first openly gay senator was elected, and two states legalized marijuana (not like I care about the latter, but it's the principle of the matter).

Yesterday, while nerve-wracking at first, was an overall great day.

Today I woke up at 3:30am. I managed to fall asleep for a little while after that, but Jesus H. I'm so tired.

I had a dream about my open class. It was going well, but minor things kept happening to set me back a minute or two. Every minute counts for this damn class.

On a positive note, my kids are totally prepared for the open class. 100% prepared. I am pleased. Also, I have internet today. Every other day this week I've had internet... and then I haven't... and then I have. It's driving me crazy. I'm thinking about formatting my computer, and I feel as if that's going to be more time-consuming than I really care for. But it's getting to the point where I think I might as well try it.
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