September 29th, 2012

this is me

just an update about my life

Currently sitting at home. I just reviewed 300 vocab words (oh lord, shoot me now) and I don't have time to do any grammar before I go for dinner with Shanoon in about 25 minutes. Oh well. I was aiming for 3 chapters in 1 week, but at this rate I'll be getting nowhere fast. Fortunately my vocabulary retention seems to have improved a bit.

No traveling this Chuseok, which is fine, I guess. I'll probably go hiking or to a temple or something.

The city has been working on the sewers recently, so yesterday when I went to take a shower after work the water was brown and eventually went clear with specks of black metal in it. Then today it was brown and then non-existent. When I ventured outside to purchase a sewing kit and rice at around 1pm I discovered that there was an open pipe gushing water in the parking lot, with a group of ajosshis huddled around it, chain-smoking. Seriously.

Fortunately the water returned and I managed to take a shower around 5pm. Sigh.

Last night I went for dinner and noraebang with Jenn and Zeph, who were visiting from Seoul. It was great to see them. It was the first time I did noraebang since, hell, I don't even remember... 6 months ago? 7? I have an app on my phone that lets you search for every song by an artist contained within the norae system, and that really opened up my song options quite a bit. ALSO! I managed to sing four (4) Korean songs. Gangnam Style, Bobby Kim's Sarang Sarang Sarang, SHINee's Sherlock, and I'm Da One by Jo Kwon. One of my long-term goals is approaching being accomplished: I will be able to sing any Korean song before long. I ended up walking home at about 1:30 in the morning. Eh. At least I was sober by the time I arrived home.

The school gave us a big gift box set of gim (laver/dried seaweed) for Chuseok. Yeah. I need to start making rice more often if I ever want to get rid of this box...

Oh, and some more studying stuff: I have 6662 flashcards in my Anki right now, which means I know approximately 3500 words and phrases in Korean. That's fairly respectable, I guess. I read somewhere that you start having decent conversations around the 5000-6000 mark and you're considered fluent when you know around 10,000 words. I'm currently learning approximately 250 new vocab words a week, so hopefully this will come true sooner rather than later.
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