September 22nd, 2012

this is me

This is my life, or something along those lines

Let's see.

I've decided not to travel abroad over Chuseok, but I will probably travel within Korea. Possibly to Tongyeong/Jinju or Seoul. I will also attempt to complete as much of my textbook as possible. Goin' for the gold!

Wednesday: I ate at a Japanese restaurant with the Book Club girls and bonded with Kristy and Em over kpop/Korean/Korean culture. It's rare that I get to talk about that stuff with people who care.

Thursday: I met up with Minho at Chonnam, we ate at a Japanese restaurant (two days in a row!) and went to the Chonnam Festival. It's sort of the Korean equivalent of homecoming, only better. We watched a talent show, people get hit in the face with water balloons, and drank magkeolli at a jumak (traditional Korean bar) set up on the track by the different departments at the school. We also saw a few fires occur and lots of fireworks.

Friday: I gave a test to my science classes which did not go poorly, and I managed to grade all of them - every single one - by the end of the day. Considering how I didn't have a break all day, that's kind of impressive. I came home and napped, and then went back to Chonnam to check out the last day of the festival with Minho. We watched a traditional Korean harvest dance performance, a rap battle talent show, and then Leessang gave a free show. Leessang is a famous Korean kpop rap group. That performance was one of those moments in Korea where I just think, "THIS is why I'm here." Everyone singing along with the songs, dancing and cheering, screaming out, "ANCHOR~" instead of "ENCORE!" The sense of community in this country - while sometimes stifling - can be phenomenal. After that Minho and I had black rice-crust pizza as we talked about what we're doing, and then I went home. We will start learning Chinese in March together. I need to get going on this Korean shit so I can start up some Mandarin...

Saturday: I met up with Shannon!!!! She is back and teaching in Korea for another year, and she lives ridiculously close. We ate Indian food downtown, walked around a bit, walked to Bongseong-dong, walked to E-Mart, and then I walked home. My feet are killing me. I took a nap, studied a bit (more to come), and ate.

Happy almost anniversary, Megan!
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