September 11th, 2012


no internet, again. And: travel woes

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Unrelated notes:

1) I went to the Gwangju World Music Festival with Minho on Friday. It was kind of rained (typhooned?) out, so we watched Big Bang Theory at his place.

2) On Saturday I went to the Chungju Martial Arts Festival with Megan. It was really cool, although a hell of a trip from Gwangju.

3) Sunday evening I wandered around an abandoned church and then an abandoned factory after dark in an attempt to find a shortcut across a mountain. Awesome, and yet creepy.

4) Do I finish studying chapter 3 today because I have nothing better to do, or do I read and relax?

5) Also: Hong Kong or Andong for Chuseok? I CAN'T DECIDE. I could do Hong Kong for Chuseok and then Andong the weekend after... but tickets to HK are getting out of hand. Out. Of. Hand. Plus, people I know will probably go to Andong for Chuseok, thereby leaving me to travel solo the weekend after. And if that happens, I doubt I'd actually go. :(
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