August 16th, 2012

this is me


It's taken me six months of pure and utter laziness (and depression) but tonight I finally finished Sogang 2B. Tomorrow I'll take a break and this weekend I'll start 3A. I've basically self-studied two years of university Korean in under a year. If you subtract the months of laziness, it was 6 months total. Hot damn.

One more day of summer camp. After work today we went to Ashley's, a buffet which - for a change - was not vegetarian. Delicious. This weekend I'll probably relax in Gwangju and do a day trip to the beach. Oh, and maybe I'll edit the photos I took in Kyoto... 1 year ago. Eek.

A Quote:
"Buying those shoes means you supported at least seven genocides. And child labor in Bangladesh."
"At least those poor children in Bangladesh have jobs now!"
- me and my mom
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