July 9th, 2012

this is me

report cards / Bali

Today I wrote up 65 report cards, 4-5 comments per student. I typed in all of the scores I have thus far. I also made a vocabulary powerpoint and a lesson plan. This took forever. I finished at 7:45pm. (Admittedly I took an hour off to watch Tinman and eat dinner.) Tomorrow I will give Hope class a quiz and input those scores, then give Faith class a test, grade the tests, and input those scores, and I also have to teach 7 classes. Wednesday I teach 6 classes and I'll be giving Hope class a test, grading them, and inputting those scores. Then I'll be done. Thursday and Friday I will teach about water and pollution, and next week my kids will do presentations (requiring me to do fuck all, yeah!).

This is what I intend on doing in Bali:
1. sitting on the beach
2. ...
3. profit
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