May 15th, 2012

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Last Friday I had a 3rd date with YJ. We got coffee, saw Dark Shadows (which was above average, surprisingly), and went to a coffee shop until 1:30am. Then we came back to my place.

This weekend I did fuck all. Some of my friends went to Jeju, others went to Wando, and I stayed at home alone. It was a nice, relaxing weekend. I did, however, spend the entire weekend sick with a cold which I still have today: I can barely make it through the day with my voice intact, and today I lost it.

One of my coworkers pulled a runner so a lot of us are filling classes until he's replaced. I only picked up one class. Another coworker wasn't at work today so I picked up one of her classes as well. Since I was already maxed out on hours, I get overtime pay. This is the first time in the 2.5 years I've been teaching that I get overtime pay. I'll get be getting about 100,000won more than usual for the month. SO not complaining.

I'm giving a test on Friday and I'm a little nervous. It's not as easy as the last test, and I want the kids to do well... at least I figured out a way to grade it out of 100 points so the percentages will work out nicely. :)

Today was Teacher's Day. I received: a box of chocolate, a nice travel mug, a candle, expensive body wash, a pin, a pen in the shape of a rose, an actual rose, and a variety of notes. Some of the notes were pretty priceless: "You are my favorite teacher and Science is my favorite class!" "Teacher, you are so cute and handsome!! (Sorry teacher!!)" This job is good for my ego.

The next chapter in our textbook is about geology/the earth. I have 2.5 months to do the next 2 chapters of my textbook, so I intend on doing a shitload of activities. The kids will make their own volcanic eruptions, make their own tornadoes, play with clay to make landforms, rub ice together to make glaciers... this shit is going to be awesome.

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