May 5th, 2012

too cool

an unintentional date.

Thursday night a random guy messaged me on the app using nearly-perfect English. It turns out he'd spent a couple years studying English in New Zealand. We messaged until 1:30am (about 4 hours) and then I went to sleep. Friday we messaged throughout the day and made plans to get coffee on Sunday.

Today I wasn't planning to do anything in an attempt to rest my foot - which I've determined to be due to my Achilles tendon - when he messaged, "Wanna get coffee?"

"Sure," I said.

I proceeded to miss my bus and the next bus never came, so I took a taxi. I then got off at the wrong street, and walked in the wrong direction, and then started walking in the right direction when he stumbled across me. We had coffee and walked all over the place (my feet only gave a few twinges, luckily!), went on a 4D ride, and came back to my place, where we--

Watched music videos. With the exception of occasionally brushing hands, nothing happened except a hug at the end. While waiting for a taxi, we made plans to go bowling in the near future.

I don't necessarily know if this was a date or not (it probably was), and there was a lot of silence (not necessarily awkward, but not necessarily comfortable...), but it was a good time. He's a really nice guy with a personality and interests that don't necessarily fit in Korea, he's attractive, and his body doesn't fit the Korean-stereotype. I appreciate the fact that I was able to hang out with a guy and nothing happened on the first date. I really appreciate that, actually.

That's a thought: every first date from now on I'll invite the guy back to my place. If nothing happens, he has potential as a future boyfriend. It's a brilliant idea, right? Right?

... Bueller?
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