April 15th, 2012

serious business

a variety of thoughts

Lately I've had a very negative outlook toward, well, everything. I realize I'm just grumpy because of all the changes happening in my life, but I shouldn't take it out on myself or on other people.

On that note, this week I am setting myself to task and making a schedule for myself. I will study and exercise daily. If I can't keep up self-studying for two weeks I'll apply for classes at the university. I also need to find a language exchange partner or two (or three).

I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. Seriously. I went downtown for Korean studying Friday night, then downtown Saturday night for Diana's going away party, and today I went to the convenience store. That's it. The weather has been amazing and I'm not taking advantage of it. Oh well.

I've accomplished a bit this weekend: a couple loads of laundry, organizing, spring cleaning. I switched blankets and a few of my wall decorations and now my apartment looks like spring has sprung. It's a nice change.
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