March 20th, 2012

fist to face

an hour to kill

Still no internet at home. Christ. This is getting old.

Yesterday I found my first gray hair. Considering how stressed I've been I'm not surprised. It's very timely: I got my first gray hair the same week I turn 25 years old.

I have come up with a few games for my classes. Time to make this shit more entertaining (and not get fired, etc).

What I need to do right now is figure out how I'm going to do my experiment tomorrow. They're going to fill things with water and keep a leaf inside. A day later they'll look at them, only to discover a huge amount of air bubbles surrounding the leaf. It's a bit delicate though. And 10 year olds are anything but delicate...

My life is so boring without the internet. I've taken to walking for +1 hour every day. Whyyyy. I've already planned out my path this evening: a big loop through Juwol and Bongseon-dongs.
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