March 8th, 2012


thoughts on classes and Russian

It's nearing the end of my first week of work and things seem to be going well. I have control over my classes, as a whole my kids are amazing, and this teaching Science thing isn't so bad after all. Health, on the other hand, is painful for everyone involved.

I'm increasingly excited about my Russian class. Kids actually had to play rock-paper-scissors to get into the class, and the 4 kids from my homeroom who made it in are total sweethearts. I don't know which students from the other 4th grade homeroom made it in yet, but I suspect they are good kids regardless. I really hope that I can spark an interest in Russian in them.

Teaching Russian and researching materials really reinvokes my love of Russian. I graduated from university and it's like I just sort of forgot about Russian: I switched my focus to Korea and paying off loans. Once upon a time my biggest goal in life was to make it to Siberia. I think it may be about time to return to Russian...
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