March 6th, 2012

this is me

Russian class??? / science class / iphone 4

The big news of the day: I'm no longer teaching a Comic Books class. I'm teaching a Russian class. Once a week. For six months. To 10 year olds.

Worst idea ever.

I'm being optimistic, but I'll try to teach them the nominative, prepositional, accusative, and maybe the genitive cases. All of this on top of the alphabet, adjectives, plurals, etc. I mean, it's possible it'll be fine.

So anyways, today I taught all of my science classes. The "what is a living thing?" unit went well, but the "plant vs. animal cells" unit could have been better. Well, one class didn't get it, the other class did. I'll go more in-depth tomorrow.

One of the former teachers at the school sold their iPhone 4 to the school, and I'm buying it off them. However they canceled the phone service, so unless I can convince Minkyu to sign for me I'm no better off than I was; stuck without a phone for the next month. Ugh.

It was probably stupid to buy the phone, but I won't be stuck on a 2 year contract and I'll probably be able to upgrade when iPhone 5 comes out in a few months. I just wish I had gotten a phone last year...
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