March 5th, 2012

this is me

마음이 무거워요

Today was officially my second day teaching, and this is what I did:
- I arrived at work at 8:10am. I discovered that my computer was set up! Hooray! Then I discovered that my keyboard was broken. Not hooray.
- I sat in front of my laptop from 8:20am-12:30pm. The 4th grade students were taking standardized tests so I didn't teach. Then I received my new keyboard and rearranged my desk instead of eating lunch. Then I sat in front of my work computer from 1:00pm-3pm. Then I taught a 40 minute Science review class even though there is nothing to review. The semester started Friday and the only thing I've taught has been the rules.
- I then sat in front of my computer from 3:40pm-4:30. Then I went home (with a trip to Pizza School and a convenience store on the way).

I'm feeling down right now. I just want to sleep.
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