February 25th, 2012

already dead

top chef + lucky louie define my day

How my day has progressed:

- wake up at 6:30
- study
- lay in bed reading the Hardy Boys
- cook breakfast
- watch TV
- talk to my mom
- watch TV
- shower
- watch TV
- go to the mart to get junk food
- eat junk food while watching TV
- go to the grocery store
- watch TV
- lay in bed
- watch TV
- take off my pants
- watch TV

You guys, this is the most exciting day of my life. I'm just shitting myself with excitement.

10 minute later edit: going to Ashley's, an all you can eat buffet, in 10 minutes. I already ate dinner. The 23,000W price is worth it, considering how they have unlimited wine (!). Gonna get waaaasteeeeed.
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