February 24th, 2012


Getting down to business

Annual Plans for Science/Health/General classes: done
Study guide for the first six months of Science: done

My coworkers seem pretty cool. My 4th grade co-teacher is also from Chicago so we've been bonding over that, and another new teacher is from Milwaukee and we've been hanging out a bit. Last night a number of the teachers drank together which was good bonding time.

I'm a little concerned about teaching science... while it seems more interesting than teaching language arts, it's intimidating, too.

After hardly working at all yesterday my internet randomly decided to work properly this morning, which has resulted in the ability to set the network to private. I'm quite pleased at that.

This weekend... I don't know what I'm going to do. Hopefully I'll socialize a bit and not get too drunk. If wishes were horses, etc.

Time for a nap!
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this is me

in which I devour food

do I consume the rest of the candy I brought from the States by myself or do I give it to my friends as I'd originally planned?

Oh, who am I kidding?

(contemplates deleting entry)

(eats chocolate instead)
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