February 13th, 2012

this is me

anxiety / list of things to do

Things to do before I leave on Friday, in no particular order:
- register to vote
- finish taxes (I started them yesterday, the website crashed, will do them again)
- get a haircut
- pack
- back-up files on my external hard drive
- charge iPod on my old laptop (read: sync new music)
- study, study, study (unit 6: in its entirety)

I'm biting my fingernails right now because I'm so anxious. "What are you anxious about, Adam? Traveling around the world? Your new job? Meeting new people?" you may be wondering. Well, my good sir and/or madam, the answer is, "I am getting my hair cut tomorrow." I dread this, you guys, in every country, and in every language. When I get the idea of cutting my hair in my head I get anxious and have trouble sleeping at night. This is because I'm insane. But yeah, my nails are shrinking in length as we speak.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It's sad: the first V-day I'm in a relationship (however long-distance it is right now) and we're on opposite sides of the world. Fortunately Korea considers Valentine's Day to be the day when girls give guys presents. March 14th is White Day: when guys give girls presents. Or, well, guys give guys presents. Whatever. Also, it's been almost exactly one year to the day since Minkyu and I first started talking on Kakaotalk, although we didn't meet until some time later.
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