January 30th, 2012

serious business

fuck recruiters (redux). also: Korea?

Just got an email from my recruiter: turns out the moron didn't send me the most up to date Health Statement form. So I have to print it, sign it, and scan it. I don't have a printer in this house so I will have my mother print it off at work. This is really fucking ridiculous, you guys. This whole process. Fucking ridiculous.

So I've been thinking: is Korea in my future for the long-term? I'd have to say: I don't know. I definitely intend on becoming as fluent as possible and see where that takes me. Currently I want to get my Master's degree from a Korean university and try to follow that up with becoming the most famous foreigner in Korean. (Alternatively: returning to the states for a Ph.D.) But I don't know if I want to stick with Korea for the rest of my life. The next five years, sure. Ten, maybe. Life? I don't know.

I already feel the desire to uproot myself, but I'm fairly certain that's remnants of my high school emotions toward Chicago, not Korea, so I'll (hopefully) get past that within a month.

I know it's silly to consider the next ten years. Things change rapidly and what I plan to do today is likely not what I will plan to do tomorrow. I know that. This is just something that I've been thinking...

If I were to move (and completely abandon Korea/Korean studies), some places I'd consider moving to include: Singapore, Russia, Myanmar, Republic of Georgia, Israel, somewhere in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan?), Chile, Brazil, China...
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