January 25th, 2012

suffocating in here

studying / credit card fail / Vampire Idol

Studying is going well. I only studied for 3 hours today in spite of the fact that it was a grammar day. It was a very light grammar day, I suppose.

Here's a question for you: I managed to pay off approximately $19,000 dollars in loans in a year and a half without any help, yet I was still rejected from receiving a credit card. Wouldn't this indicate that I am more than capable of paying off debt? I called the card company and they said that you need a credit card to get a credit card. I honestly don't get it. Something is wrong with the system.

I've discovered the Korean drama "Vampire Idol," in which a naive vampire prince from the planet Vampyrus is stuck on Earth and tries to become a famous idol in Korea. I have no words. It's amazing, you guys. Amazing.

EDIT: I was accepted for a credit card! It's not a bad one either. Even if it weren't good I just need it for a year to build up my credit so I can get a new one...
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