January 15th, 2012

can you hear?

study study / active learning / 습관

Typed up unit 5 vocabulary into Anki.
Reviewed vocabulary: 1.5 hours (combined new/old words)
Previewed unit 5 grammar: 30 minutes
Reviewed old grammar: 30 minutes
Pimsleur unit 1 day 7: 30 minutes
Coffee Prince, episode 3: 1 hour
Total: 3/4 hours

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I think I'm going to start counting watching Korean dramas as studying when I am ONLY watching that. If my attention is divided then it's not active. Still gotta look for a transcript.

Some words just don't stick until you see/hear them in context. I was watching Coffee Prince, heard 습관 (habit), and it clicked for me. Hooray. :)

Language Goal: come back to Coffee Prince when my listening comprehension is better and see what the subtitles are leaving out.
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