January 14th, 2012


공부 이야기

- reviewed Anki vocabulary (~1.5 hours)
- listened to dialogues and story 2 times each, read over them, worked on pronunciation, translated, and listened again (1 hour)
- transcribed dialogues and story from unit 3 (1 hour)
- Pimsleur Unit 1 Day 6 (30 minutes)
- watched one episode of Coffee Prince (1 hour)
Total: 4 hours/5 hours

I don't know if I should include entertainment time in my studying. Sure, it's Korean, and I'm trying to make out words (often to no avail), but it's not, well, active studying. If I could figure out a way to make this active it'd be good. I wonder if the transcripts are on the internet somewhere? Hmm.

Sorry I keep posting my study schedule here. I signed up for a language forum on which I intend to post my daily schedule but I need to wait for my account to be approved. I also need to practice my speaking skills. I don't know if they've improved at all... probably not since I haven't, you know, spoken any Korean in the last two weeks. I need to find some speaking partners... maybe via Skype? Gotta look into this...
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