January 13th, 2012

weathered the storm

I need to get out.

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I'm going to order the Sogang 2B and Sogang 3A textbooks today. They're far more expensive in America than in Korea, but at this rate I will complete Sogang 2A by January 29th and Sogang 2B by February 24th. That means I'd be able to complete 1.5 chapters of the 3A textbook by the time I'm back in Gwangju. That's the equivalent of over two years of university Korean. It'll be like I'm going to study abroad during my third year. Haha. Making up for lost time?
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already dead

studying. aka: tldr

Anki vocabulary review: 1.5 hours
Sogang Unit 4 - grammar notes, student book, workbook: 3 hours
Pimsleur day 5: 30 minutes
Total: 5 hours (!)

Exercise: 50 minutes

Examples of what I studied today:
1. 조깅하면 기분이 아주 좋아요.
2. 중국 상하이에 몇 시일까요?
3. 아마 7시일 거예요.
4. 데이트에 가다가 꽃집을 보서 여자 친구한테 꽃다발을 샀어요.

Somewhere around hour 4.5 I started to lose my concentration. I took a few 10-20 minute breaks (during which I hopped on the elliptical and talked to my parents and watched random Korean TV shows) which helped to extend my ability to comprehend what the hell was going on.

I just ordered the Sogang 2B and 3A textbooks. It would've been cheaper if I'd bought them in Korea, but I'll need them before then. Oh, and dinner was Indian tonight. Mmm.

Successful day.
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